Allow us to introduce ourselves ... we may grow on you.
- CPA Control Coach™

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ProtectPro ... 10 years of network protection leadership

For more than a decade, ProtectPro Solutions has been showing clients that most network failures can be prevented ... and that there can be a quick recovery in the event of failure.  With ProtectPro, you will have the proper documentation, procedures, and training in place ... in advance. 

Computer networks are central to our business and organizational operations, so the loss of a network system and/or the vital data it contains can be disastrous  Failures can result from factors ranging from human error to outside forces beyond our control.  Whatever the cause, it is possible to minimize the risk of failure...and, if one does occur, to minimize the cost of recovery in dollars and impact on operations.

ProtectPro Solutions was founded to meet the need for maximum protection of network systems and data.   You can protect your computer network system and data ... and you can make it easier to recover from a failure should one occur.  But not without advance preparation of the kind uniquely provided by ProtectPro Solutions and ProtectPro Products.

If we are going to work together, let us introduce ourselves.


10 YEARS OF PROTECTION.  ProtectPro Solutions has a 10-year track record of proven performance.  We think our record is our best introduction.  


Celebrating ... 10 years of Protection!  We've been busy during those 10 years ... as illustrated by a selection of photos, reprints, and other items from some of our many activities related to network protection. Also see Photos of Events and Founder's Biography.


AICPA article ... 12 steps to minimize computer losses is an important article we prepared and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and California Society of CPAs published.


Message from the President.  Recognizing that, while there may not be a perfect solution to network protection, the package provided by ProtectPro Solutions is surely the best available ... and it will only get better.


Giving back to the community.  The business ethic of ProtectPro Solutions includes giving back to the community through helping neighborhood organizations, charitable donations, and our 15% discount program to qualifying non-profit charitable organizations.


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