ProtectPro Solutions provides many valuable and practical benefits for your enterprise and its IT network.
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Benefits of ProtectPro Products and Services

ProtectPro benefits your system in many ways ... from identification of potential problems to improved protection and security ... and from disaster recovery to data preservation and customer confidence.

ProtectPro benefits for your network

Identify the vulnerabilities of your computer system before disaster strikes... ProtectPro identifies system weaknesses as the first step in preventing failures.


Improve protection against network failures – and speed recovery if there is one ... ProtectPro provides cost-effective tools to help prevent and/or recover from disasters.


Improve network security ... ProtectPro tools enhance your internal control environment and employees’ network security awareness.


Reduce the time and cost of business recovery... ProtectPro defines the disaster recovery alliances needed to reduce the time and cost of full business recovery.


Establish disaster recovery procedures ... ProtectPro sets up recovery scenarios, establishes responsibilities, and prepares staff – to avoid chaos later.


Document your network configuration so it can’t be lost ... ProtectPro provides the documentation needed to ensure that your network configuration is not lost through failure.



Provide backup that works when it is needed... ProtectPro improves data backup systems so they operate as designed and when needed.


Create customer confidence in the security of your system ... ProtectPro will help you achieve a more secure network system, creating a business advantage that will distinguish your company from your competitors.


Be prepared for a system audit ... ProtectPro’s complete computer network security and disaster recovery plan will meet your auditor’s highest standards.


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