Most entity IT policies and procedures are out-of-control ... so here's news you can use for immediate release.
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Entrepreneur offers solution for IT controls in chaos

With the known dangers from terrorists, Internet worms and viruses, Enron-like fraud scandals, let alone Mother Nature's penchant for delivering untimely disasters ... IT INTERNAL CONTROLS need a champion. ProtectPro Solutions delivers ... with a new way of handling complex IT control concepts, specifically "general controls" —- also known as computer data security and business continuity planning. (See the new COSO Report's description of the sixth integrated component, control activities.)

You can now document both your network security and disaster recovery policies and procedures in one place for the first time ... and become prepared for (and hopefully prevent) disasters of all kinds. 


The author of the ProtectPro system, likes what everyone else hates ... Policies and Procedures.  Mr. Storkman acknowledges that everyone usually cringes at the very thought of  having to document anything — which is what policies and procedures usually means.  But he relishes being able to document hard-to-nail-down policies and procedures critical to the life of an enterprise as a "going concern" — essential to its being in business tomorrow.

While at KPMG, he grew frustrated at only  making management letter recommendations for companies to improve their internal controls by creating policies and procedures, instead of actually developing, installing, and using them. Now he has created a software product with customizable policies and procedures that helps walk you through the process of creating this important documentation yourself. 

And because it's a process, as you document your procedures with the ProtectPro system, you also discover better ways of doing things and make improvements. With ProtectPro's unique 9-step process, you can efficiently and effectively manage IT general controls ... and publish a report regarding both data security and business continuity planning. 



Wayne Storkman asks business leaders, "Do you still want to be in business after a major network failure?"  
If you do... then you should prepare and document (as both digital and hard copies stored off-site) the type of information needed to recover, such as:

Contact information for employees, key clients, customers or investors, vendors
Disaster recovery kit with critical backup files, system software, startup batch files
Offsite backups to make data recovery possible after a major disaster
Recovery site location setup and testing
Emergency lists of replacement software, equipment and supplies
Personnel recovery teams, responsibilities, reporting assignments
Playscripts for disaster recovery and business resumption cycles
And prevention techniques by addressing network security, redundancy, and more


I also say — "Don't call me after you've had a disaster ... Call me before anything happens so I can help you try to prevent it."  But of course that requires "planning" or "Quadrant 2" behavior, as discussed in Steve Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, usually done by forward-thinking people.

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