Create a ring of protection when you follow ProtectPro's 9-step process.
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ProtectPro's Unique 9-Step Process

Protect your data and enterprise by developing a network protection plan
that combines computer data security and business continuity techniques
into the following 9-step process.
ProtectPro's 9-step process can protect your enterprise network

Goals of a network protection plan — achieve your primary mission. Define and help your company achieve its objectives despite numerous potential and real disasters that threaten its operations.


Objectives and risk assessment — address business risks.  Manage enterprise risk ... define enterprise-critical operating system elements ... assess associated internal and external threats ... quantify acceptable downtime ... establish a plan to address risks and protect assets that is cost effective.


People management — start with the human element. Hire the right people ... assign responsibilities and authorities ... segregate  duties ... train and educate computer users ... communicate and get feedback ... document policies and procedures ... review employee performance ... terminate employees properly ... manage any needed outside consultants.


Physical controls — hands-on protection. Install protective measures and limit access to physically safeguard computer assets from hazards and theft ... take inventory ... create fault-tolerant redundant network systems ... install backup power... comply with software licensing ... implement and test fire protection systems ... review insurance coverage.


Logical access controls — manage the virtual world. Limit logical access to data and business assets ... properly authorize and authenticate users ... setup user and workgroups rights ... enforce password protection ... set up security methods to keep intruders out ... install firewalls, encryption, VPN, and PKI technologies ... implement security measures for remote users and wireless nets.


Administrative controls — win the day-to-day battles. Centralize computer functions for greater control and standardization ... maintain good documentation of key configurations ... keep network up with preventive maintenance, patches and updates ... aggressively administer virus and spam protection ... set up warning alarms and use intrusion detection systems ... detect any security breaches ... monitor performance with diagnostics and audit logs ... assess vulnerability.


Backup controls — be prepared if something does go wrong. Determine the best method for performing backups of your computer systems ... stress importance of regular backups ... rotate backups offsite ... document restore procedures ... establish, monitor, and test backups ... maintain a disaster recovery kit of critical software and configuration files ... ensure timely restart of systems.


Disaster recovery — ensure business continuity. Devise and implement a plan to provide reasonable assurance of the continuity of critical computer functions after a disaster strikes ... establish strategic alliances with key vendors and suppliers ... prearrange offsite operating facilities and backup phone systems ... pre-establish emergency communications ... train staff in emergency procedures ... periodically test readiness.


Monitoring and reporting — for communication, feedback, and improvement. Commit time and resources ... perform ongoing management self-assessments ...  test internal controls ... use independent audits ... take corrective actions ... publish and distribute your plan ... reevaluate and update ... continue the evaluation cycle.


A network protection plan will be different for each company, but will have the common goal of protecting vital computer system failure and the business itself.
Use the ProtectPro 9-step system, and customize your plan today — before disaster strikes.

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