You can make a game out of IT internal controls.
- CPA Control Coach™

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Play the Mix n' Match games

Test your knowledge with these Mix n' Match games below (SORRY - GAMES CLOSED FOR REPAIRS):

Match Disasters to Dates Game
Match Disasters to Lessons Game
Match Risk to Solutions Game

Watch the Control Coach hustle
Click above to see the control coach, in all his outfits, go around ... to achieve IT control.

Spin the Ring of Protection

 Click above to see the balls spin
round and round ... protecting you.

CPA Humor - Cartoon

 Click on the Cartoon to see it.

Other games if you dare...


WARNING -- These games have been temporary shut down due to potential safety hazards to players ... AND FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ... OSHA safety requirements, HIPPA, US Patriot Act and other privacy regulations and laws, as well as, reporting requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Build Your Own 100% Secure Network  Enter the SafeRoom ... and design a network with protection solutions that make it 100% safe from attack and perfect for all your needs. It's OK to be scared and worry about making mistakes, because ... remember that whatever happens in the SafeRoom stays there.

Play the IT Control Board of Directors Game  A high-powered game ... with players like a member of the audit committee who attempts to provide corporate governance ... or try the role of CEO to lead ethically creating a good internal control environment, while achieving profitability goals. 


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