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Installation questions and problems:
Refer to the Quick Start, including section VI, Common Pitfalls, in the front section of the Workbook.

ProtectPro for Network 4.0 — Release Notes, Help Files and Product Corrections of Errors: Various product version release notes, help files, and correction of errors for ProtectPro for Networks version 4.0 will be released as read me text files for your review.
(There are no Errors, Help Files, or Release Notes currently posted.)

Minimum System Requirements:
The system requirements to install ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 and use ProtectWare software templates are Windows 2000 or Windows XP and Microsoft Word 97 or higher.

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Limitation of Internal Controls.
Do not forget that internal controls can't prevent all disasters ... collusion between key players can override controls in place and allow fraudulent behavior. Learn more about what The COSO Report has to say about limitations of controls.
Refer to the Quick Start, including section VIII, What ProtectPro for Networks Won't Do, in the front section of the Workbook.



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