You can acheive your goals with ProtectPro products and services.
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For more than a decade and worldwide, ProtectPro Solutions
has been helping clients like you create their own
success stories.

Helping you achieve success — that has been our success!

ProtectPro products and services have helped clients of all sizes around the world achieve real protection for their IT systems and business information.

ProtectPro has shown the way to ... resolve tough IT internal control issues .... protect vital business information ... and more easily recover from any problems that do occur.


Case Studies
Our success is best told by actual client case studies ...
real world examples of reduced recovery time, improving the process of change, bring different groups together, establishing workable backup systems, improved reporting and communication, standardization of controls, and much more. Many of these case studies could reflect solutions to problems faced by your organization.


Product Reviews
ProtectPro has been recognized and reviewed by organizations concerned about security.


1. ICSA (International Computer Security Association) featured ProtectPro for Networks in its published catalog and on its website and had sold numerous copies worldwide. (Note: ICSA no longer sells products.)

2. Datapro Information Services Group
(A Division of the McGraw Hill Companies)
featured a product review "Security Matters!:
An Aid to Network Recovery Planning". 


Client testimonials that appear throughout this website are especially gratifying measures of our success.


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