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 Client case studies

REDUCED RECOVERY TIME BY 2-3 HOURS after the server crashed with pre-documented configuration of startup batch files.  The network engineer restored service quicker with the ProtectPro documented information -- it helped him to restart the network and critical applications faster!


IMPROVED THE PROCESS OF CHANGE implementing updates to network security systems and disaster recovery prepared-ness.  Through a series of employee and vendor meetings, following the ProtectPro system, the client improved computer security, data backups, and business continuity planning.  


GOT EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE  about the internal controls in place and planned.  The ProtectPro documentation, action plan checklist, and meeting agendas helped employees understand their and others' role's ... to improve security and prepare for disasters.


HELPED SOLVE "WHO HAS THE BACKUP?" for a client with changing employees.  Simplified the management of backup tape procedures with a backup calendar for daily sign-off and easy periodic management review.


CREATED A PROFESSIONAL REPORT to address data security and business continuity planning issues.  The higher-ups wanted a quick report to summarize the disaster preparedness of the department ... and they got a comprehensive report covering data security, an offsite out-of-the-area backup location, pre-defined disaster scenarios, team assignments, employee responsibilities, and alternative location reporting — to plan for the unexpected.


STANDARDIZED INTERNAL AUDIT OF IT CONTROLS over worldwide operating facilities with distributed network servers.  An international company implemented ProtectPro for Networks in various locations around the world to standardize the documentation of IT internal control policies and procedures.


SAVED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on IT risk management engagement — by selecting ProtectPro instead of a Big 4 CPA firm.  The client saved by having ProtectPro customize, publish, and implement a business continuity plan that addressed mission-critical applications.


IMPROVED CONTROLS OVER RECOVERY SITE and business resumption planning for an out-of-the-area facility.  Client installed improvements after a review of ProtectPro suggestions in the plan and tools.


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