You can see how vulnerable you are with this quick 10-point test.
- CPA Control Coach™

How Well Protected Is Your Network?

Take this quick ten-point test to determine the vulnerability of your IT system
and vital computer-based data. We hope you get an "A" — and if you don't,
we'll show you how to strengthen your system so you will.

Is your computer data in jeopardy?  Take this IT internal control test to find out...

QUIZ — Are You Prepared?:  

1.  Are you 100% sure you could recover your data from backups?  

2 Have  you successfully performed a full system restore test? 

3 Have you documented the results of your data restore tests and submitted for review?  

4 Do you know where you would restart the business if your office were destroyed?  

5 Do you know how you would write checks after a major disaster?  

6 Do you have out-of-area emergency contact numbers?  

7 Do you proactively administer your network with IDS (or Intrusion Prevention Systems)?

8 Do you hire a third party to perform a vulnerability assessment and penetration test?

9 Have you documented critical network information?

10. Do you have a published disaster recovery plan? Are copies stored offsite?  

If you answered no to any of the above questions ... you are vulnerable and you may have a "going concern" issue at your enterprise. Your network may not be reliable and remain functioning after unexpected events ... causing the enterprise to fail to achieve objectives. Act now to protect your enterprise. Let ProtectPro for Networks help you stay in business, even after disaster.

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