Let's test your vulnerability with these questions covering the ProtectPro 9-step process.
- CPA Control Coach™

How Well Protected Is Your Network?

Additional Questions

Data Security and Business Continuity Planning Questions by ProtectPro 9-Step Process:  

1.  Have you established goals related to preventing and surviving disasters? 

2 Have you formalized your risk assessment management by defining objectives, critical systems, and recovery times?

3 Have you set forth adequate personnel policies for managing people?  

4 Do you have proper physical security protection and do you evaluate your insurance coverage?

5 Have you implemented adequate logical access security techniques to prevent harm from Internet hackers and disgruntled employees?  

6 Do you administer and monitor the network proactively to prevent disasters?  

7 Do you have proper IT controls over backup systems to ensure data recovery?

8 Do you have disaster recovery systems in place to help ensure business continuity?

9 Do you monitor by performing tests of controls and publish your report at least annually?

If you answered no to any of the above questions ... you are vulnerable and you may have a "going concern" issue at your enterprise. Your network may not be reliable and remain functioning after unexpected events ... causing the enterprise to fail to achieve objectives. Act now to protect your enterprise. Let ProtectPro for Networks help you stay in business, even after disaster.

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