You get a roadmap to becoming prepared with ProtectPro for Networks.
- CPA Control Coach™

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ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 ... safeguard your network systems and data

ProtectPro for Networks — a complete enterprise security and disaster recovery planning system — is the easy, practical, cost- effective way to safeguard your vital IT systems and the data they contain. Our complete, easy-to-use kit gives you everything you need:


    CD — provides the ProtectWare Software
of the customizable ProtectPro
    Network Protection Plan and Tools.

    Workbook — provides a hard-copy version
    of the templates for easy reference and use.

    Guide  — a companion guide with 80
    techniques for IT internal controls.


The ProtectPro for Networks system makes it easy for you to create and publish your own company or department-specific network system security and business resumption plan.

ProtectPro for Networks is a tested and proven method for resolving issues like security, backup procedures, disaster recovery, documentation, system replacement, and much more ... essentially everything you need to protect your system against disaster and/or restore it quickly if there is a failure.

Customer testimonial

"... helped us document critical business and computer information into an easy reference manual ..."

Caryn Kali, formerly CFO and VP
Woodmont Real Estate Services





ProtectPro for Networks is ideal for small to medium-sized companies and/or department LANs using single or multiple operating system environments and platforms including UNIX, Linux, NetWare, and/or Microsoft Windows.

ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 is available now for only $395.

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