You can create an instant report with the ProtectPro  Workbook.
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ProtectPro Network Protection Plan and Tools in a hard-copy Workbook

ProtectPro's ProtectWare Plan and Tools software templates are also provided in hard copy — our Workbook includes a copy of the 26-page Plan and all 65 Tools ... plus a Quick Start program to help get you up and running quickly and easily.


Workbook  — the Plan and Tools are provided in hard copy, ready to be filled out.

Quick Start  — walks you through the process of installing the software and learning how to use ProtectPro for Networks for maximum impact. Quick Start (a) shows you how to use the system and apply it to your specific needs, (b) gives you to tips for reviewing your draft plan and report -- and improving its accuracy and integrity, (c) shows how to create a professional look, easy-to-use report, and (d) outlines common pitfalls and solutions.


Use the Workbook to create an instant data security and business continuity plan. A major goal is publishing a comprehensive, useful, and usable report. The Workbook will quickly get you to that goal.

The first draft of your report will be quick and easy. You just fill in the blanks on the hard copy of the forms in the Workbook.


Customer testimonial

"I like the network protection plan and tools because they help improve our internal control environment ..."

Sally Cole, formerly VP & General Auditor
First Republic Thrift Loan



We recommend this simple process:

1. Take the pages out of the Workbook and start a network protection binder.

2. Distribute sections of the binder to responsible people for input and editing (i.e. IT director, office manager, controller, network administrator, and outside consultants).

3. Use the feedback to finalize the Plan and Tools.

4. Compile and publish all the completed templates for an impressive, authoritative report.

The Workbook is part of the ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 package, available now for only $395.

The ProtectPro Workbook is a part of the ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 package, and is not sold separately.

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