ProtectPro's Guide is the one reference book you need for network protection, disaster recovery, and associated business continuity.
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ProtectPro Network Protection Guide with 80 techniques for internal control

ProtectPro's Network Protection Guide: 80 Techniques for Data Security and Business Continuity provides a detailed review of our comprehensive network system protection and disaster recovery planning process -- with the insights and practical framework you need to create and implement a successful program specific to your organization.


If you are responsible for data security and business continuity planning ... if you need or just want to know about effective internal controls for IT systems and business resumption planning ... if you need to know all the issues involved, and where to start  --  the ProtectPro Network Protection Guide is the resource available for everyone from managers to line staff.

The Guide will walk you through our 9-step process for creating "general controls" per the new COSO Report-- Enterprise Risk Management Framework authored by Pricewaterhouse-Coopers ... it will help you deal with complex internal control concepts and show you 80 easy, practical methods for preparing for the unexpected and ensuring data security and business continuity.

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@      Foreword: Balance This!
           by Wayne D. Storkman, MBA, CPA
6        Introduction —
    Protecting Data and the Business!
O  1. Goals of a Network Protection Plan —
          Achieving your Primary Mission
M2. Objectives and Risk Assessment —
   Addressing Business Risks
J  3. People Management —
          Starting with the Human Element
I 4. Physical Controls —
        Protecting What You Can Get Your Hand On
7 5. Logical Access Controls —
            Managing the Virtual World
%  6. Administrative Controls —
           Winning Day-to-Day Battles  



7. Backup Controls —
  In Case Something Goes Wrong
'    8. Disaster Recovery —
     Ensuring Business Continuity
2  9. Monitoring and Reporting —
          For Communication, Feedback, and
 Bibliography and Selected Resources
$  Index of Network Protection Topics
!   About the Author & ProtectPro for Networks  


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