You can keep your network protection process growing and improving with on-going updates provided by our Annual  Maintenance Program.
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ProtectPro Annual Maintenance Program

It's easy to continually update your system so it is always current

ProtectPro products and services enable you to have the best network protection system available.  And, our system is continually evolving to maintain our leadership position. Our low-cost Annual Maintenance Program enables ProtectPro users to grow with us. With this program you will receive: 


Automatic periodic software updates with the most current ProtectPro templates. ProtectPro Solutions releases new and updated ProtectWare software templates on an on-going basis ... these new materials provide additional policies and procedures for stronger IT internal controls.


An Annual Newsletter. Our newsletter is your direct line to the latest news, developments, and tools for managing data security and business continuity planning.


Future software releases. Future software releases could include tools such as:

Updated policy statements for changes in the security environment and risk profile of entities doing business over the Internet: e-mail correspondence, web surfing, website hosting, and e-commerce.
Additional sample Management Memos to help communicate policies to employees.
Job descriptions related to data security and business continuity planning — linked to ProtectPro's policy and procedures statements.
Additional playscripts for disaster recovery and business resumption cycles: setup of recovery sites; cash receipts; and financial reporting.
Test of controls master checklist -— for use by management to monitor the effectiveness of in-place controls.




Annual Maintenance Program.
 The Annual Maintenance Program is only $125.  With it, you can be sure that you will have all the latest and best tools for 12 months.

Keep your investment in Pro
tectPro for Networks 4.0 continually updated and current for a year ... just $125.

The Annual Maintenance Program is an add-on to the  ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 package.

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