ProtectPro's Self-Study Course walks you through our 9-step process ... it's the easy way to become an on-site expert and gain CPE credits.
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Become the local expert in network protection

ProtectPro's Self-Study Course — "Protect Your Network! Ensuring Data Security and Business Continuity" makes it easy to become knowledgeable in network protection — and gain CPE credits while you do. (Our course complies with the new CPE Standards.)

Designed for CPAs, internal and external auditors, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, audit committee members, and corporate directors, the course provides a detailed account of the network protection oversight process with clear recommendations for the effective discharge of internal control structure responsibilities. It includes clear, practical guidelines for improving and managing data security and business continuity planning so you can keep your organization on track to achieving its objectives.

The course, based on the "ProtectPro Network Protection Guide: 80 Techniques for Data Security and Business Continuity", will  enable you to:

Understand the general internal controls needed to provide computer data security and ensure business continuity ... and customize, publish, and distribute a Network Protection Plan to achieve this goal.
Implement controls as described by the COSO report.
Be fully aware of laws, regulations, and AICPA Statements on Auditing Standards (both in place and forthcoming) that define management's responsibilities related to IT internal controls.
Have a conceptual perspective of IT internal controls required for proper corporate governance.
Explain the link between internal controls and their contribution to achieving business objectives.



The self-study course includes an informative, self-administered quiz that enables you to both test your knowledge and understanding and submit for grading and Certificate of Completion. The course level is Basic/Intermediate ... there
are no prerequisites.


ProtectPro Self-Study Course
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The ProtectPro Self-Study Course can be purchased, together with the ProtectPro Network Protection Guide as a package for $125.

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