Our consultants can assist you with every step of the network protection process.
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ProtectPro Consulting Services

A complete network protection consulting service

ProtectPro Solutions' complete network protection consulting services include security reviews, planning, implementation, training, documentation, and annual maintenance.

Our consulting services typically begin with a complete security review of your system — an in-depth risk assessment that conveys an understanding of how vulnerable you are to the possibility of a computer system failure.

The information from our security review, together with the proven concepts of our ProtectPro product line, enable us to define, develop, and implement a system protection and recovery plan tailored to the detailed and specific needs of your organization.

We also provide training for your staff, so everyone knows their role in the event of a disaster.

For your reference and future use, our services include complete documentation of every aspect of the network system protection and disaster recovery plan.

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Annual Maintenance Program with software upgrades and newsletter is available as an optional ProtectPro Solutions service.  


ProtectPro Consulting Services can help you address and document data security and business continuity issues, including the following:

Backup of mission-critical data and software. Procedures must be in place ... and followed.
Emergency offsite location and redundant systems. You can avoid downtime by prearranging the availability of facilities, equipment, and software.
Physical protection and maintenance of systems and data.  The housing, storage, and maintenance of systems and data are critically important to establish the necessary safeguards.
Network access security. Sophisticated and effective security measures ... a firewall, encryption, password usage, etc. ... can provide protection from problems ranging from intruders to accidents.

Insurance.  If there is a disaster, you must have in place, and review annually, the insurance coverage necessary to fully recovery.

Staff training.  A well-trained and prepared staff is essential to successful network protection.
A published report. Create a report with strategies for data security and business continuity planning. All of these elements ... and others ... must be brought together in an established plan.

We can help you ... or you can address these issues yourself with
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