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Sample Protection Techniques

(Excerpt from the ProtectPro Network Protection Guide)

Make a Commitment to Protect Computer Data and the
Business:  Establishing a Good Control Environment.

Any plan to protect computer data and the business has to start at the top.
Management's commitment and attitude toward controls is the foundation of
an effective computer and data protection system. Computer security and
business continuity planning will not happen unless it is...

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Other samples of protection techniques  (PDF files) for your viewing

Authenticate Users: Strictly Enforce Password Security. Like a secret word or phrase used by the members of a private club, the computer password identifies the user as having the privilege to enter. A computer password consists of...
5.5 Authenticate User: Passwords.pdf


Set Forth the Goals of Your Network Protection Plan. In broad terms, the goal of your Network Protection Plan should be to help the company achieve business objectives in spite of numerous potential and real disasters. The data security section of the plan should address security issues to mitigate or … prevent computer disasters before they happen. The business continuity section of the plan, also called a business resumption or contingency plan, should help prepare for and identify steps to take after…
1.1 Set Forth Goals of Plan.pdf


Safeguard Assets: Secure Computers and Network Equipment. Network servers, user workstations, portable laptops, wireless devices, and other equipment such as printers, modems, and the like should be secured to prevent losses. Whether by water damage, theft, or unauthorized access, computer equipment is vulnerable to misuse or physical damage. Here are a few protection techniques to physically safeguard user workstations, portable laptops, PDAs, wireless devices, and other equipment…
4.6 Safeguard Assets: Computers.pdf


Test Specific Recovery Procedures. Your plan may look good on paper, but how viable is it? The last thing you want after a disaster strikes is a backup system failure. A common problem is that companies make backup copies of software and data but then fail to…
8.9 Test Recovery Procedures.pdf


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