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ProtectPro products — the proven, comprehensive solution for network protection, disaster recovery, and business data continuity

Q:   What is the best way to:  


Improve your internal control structure and environment?

Create and manage a proven, effective IT network data security and business continuity plan?

Document and publish IT control policies and procedures?

Create a more positive, secure, and ethical IT system that will better support business and financial management at all levels?

Jumpstart your efforts to quickly publish and implement your plan?


A:   ProtectPro products:


It really is that simple. With ProtectPro products you can achieve all of the above goals -- and more. We offer the following proven solutions for network protection, disaster recovery, and business data recovery:

ProtectPro for Networks 4.0 is a complete network system security and disaster recovery planning package in convenient, easy-to-use kit form. This system is the easy, cost-effective way to safeguard your important network systems and data. The complete kit, which is available for only $395, includes ProtectWare Software Templates, which enable you to create and publish your own personalized


network protection plan using customizable ProtectWare software templates on CD, and the ProtectPro Workbook and Guide. The ProtectPro Workbook format is a user-friendly system that is as easy as filling-in-the-blanks. The Network Protection Guide provides a detailed review of the 9-step process with insights and a practical framework for implementing a successful program relevant to your organization.

With these ProtectPro tools, you can easily get organized using the framework of our unique nine-step process and create data security and continuity planning policies and procedures in one simple system. You can quickly publish a comprehensive report for key managers and staff at all levels both on- and off-site ... so everyone can be aware of the company's security and business continuity planning, and be ready to recover from any disasters that do occur. Your report will also help management evaluate risks and cost/benefit trade-offs so they can make the best decisions to support needed network protection solutions.


Also available from ProtectPro Solutions:

Annual Maintenance Program.
   The ProtectPro Annual Maintenance Programs gives you a newsletter and a 12-month subscription to future software releases — to keep you current and updated.

Self-Study Course.   The ProtectPro Self-Study Course makes it easy for you to become knowledgeable in IT controls ... and gain CPE credits.

We can also help you install ProtectPro for Networks with our Consulting Services.


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